Become a Certified Detailer


If you own a Car Care Detailer, you can become a Certfited Detailer at Gyeon.


It gives you the oppurtunity to get Gyeon products which only certified detailer get acces to, you also get discounter.




  • Access to pro-only coatings (Mohs+ & DuraBead);
  • The work of a studio is being shared on global social media profiles helping to build reputation of the studio;
  • All detailers are listed on the global website - this generates additional traffic;
  • Becoming part of a global network - currently with over 300 certified detailers worldwide;
  • Almost instant technical assistance in all cased which we provide directly to them.

Does it sound exciting? Contact us and learn more about requriments here.







Danish Car Performance Aps is one of the largest free automotive import companies in Denmark, based centraly in Jylland. The company offers a wide range of quality brands, wich are handpicked by the 2 owners, Klaus Lund and Bo Fallesen.



Klaus and Bo are the backbone in Danish Car Performance Aps – knowhow, passion and great sense of business.


Nørregade 102, 6650 Brørup Denmark

+ 45 22 525 525

Focus of the business is:


⁃Automotive spare parts and accessories

⁃Oil and filters

⁃Car Care and detailing

⁃Paint and conservation

⁃Motorcycle related products

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