Danish Car Performance Aps is focused on "High End" quality brands and is acting as Danish /Nordic agent for several of the biggest and known brands. Other brands are imported in large quantity, which insures a solid margin for all parts in the chain of sales, including B2C and B2C partners, which is needed in the continuesly growing and competitive online market.


We always choose quality and service instead of quantity – our ongoing strong businessmodel !



Danish Car Performance Aps is one of the largest free automotive import companies in Denmark, based centraly in Jylland. The company offers a wide range of quality brands, wich are handpicked by the 2 owners, Klaus Lund and Bo Fallesen.



Klaus and Bo are the backbone in Danish Car Performance Aps – knowhow, passion and great sense of business.


Nørregade 102, 6650 Brørup Denmark

+ 45 22 525 525

Focus of the business is:


⁃Automotive spare parts and accessories

⁃Oil and filters

⁃Car Care and detailing

⁃Paint and conservation

⁃Motorcycle related products

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